Sturdivant Electric Corp. Case Study Help and Solution

Sturdivant Electric Corp. – Why Motorized Wheelchairs Are Better Than Manual

The company Sturdivant Electric Corp. was started in 1963 by J.J. Cooney, a Michigan Electric Service Board administrator and researcher. He became so interested in what he found that he decided to go into business for himself. This venture has provided electrically powered wheelchair ramps for over thirty years.

He had been one of the few who truly understood the need for electrically powered wheelchair ramps. He also had the ability to use electric power. At the time there were no battery operated electric wheelchairs available.

When Jeff Cooney began working with electric power, he realized that this was not the answer to the handicapped persons’ prayers. He felt that they could be assisted in their activities by making it possible for them to get up and down stairs. He started designing the first handicap electric power wheelchairs.

He started out creating electric powered scooters and trikes. These became popular among handicapped individuals. The major challenge for him was to make his designs work in creating a wheelchair lift without using batteries.

He finally came up with a final device that worked without using batteries. A direct Supply Chain Management Case Help current or DC electric motor. This motor produces enough electric power to run the electric wheel chair for an extended period of time. This device was a big improvement over the previous designs.

The invention of the DC motor was a big surprise. A person who had been using electric power wheelchairs for many years was astonished to discover that this machine had an electric motor. He could now drive the chair around on roads and parking lots and still have power for emergencies. This enabled him to get his body more useable while saving money on gasoline.

The invention of the Sturdivant Electric Corp. wheelchair lift has opened up new opportunities for individuals who are handicapped. It allows the disabled individual to move around in places where he might not be able to get around using manual wheelchairs. In addition, it allows them to be able to do many things without breaking a sweat.

The simple electric motor allows a wheelchair to be turned into a mobile office. With the motor turned on, a chair can be maneuvered from place to place. For example, the chair can be used to travel from a car to a restaurant or an apartment. The motor will help it become a portable tool that can be used wherever needed.

The electric wheelchair is one of the easiest to maneuver than any other equipment. A powered wheelchair lift is another good example. A motorized wheelchair is a fine example.

An electric wheelchair, such as the Sturdivant Electric Corp. EasyWalk wheelchair lift can be operated through a remote control or with an attached controller. The technology makes it possible to control the chair even when the user is not physically present. This enables the user to control the chair by means of a keyboard or remote control. As the chair is moved, a button or joystick on the controller is pushed.

There is no need to lift or lower the chair by yourself. The chair can be operated by someone else. The person operating the chair may want to be there, or they may want to be somewhere else. No matter how it is controlled, the chair’s manual release makes it safe to handle in any situation.

These motorizedchairs are only slightly more expensive than the standard electric wheelchairs, but they are far safer. The cost of purchase is almost the same. The battery is less expensive. For those who do not need a lot of mobility, this may be a better choice.